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Safa Q10 Mini Speaker

Mini speakers have always had to choose whether to prioritize sound or size. We decided to bring the best of both into our new Safa Q10 speaker range. Listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or radio on a high-fidelity mini speaker built for performance.

Our new speaker comes with 2 year’s full warranty, a choice of colors, and other customization options.

True to life photography

With this camera in their hands, anyone becomes a professional photographer.

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Aucun probleme car nous incluons un garantie materielle de 2 ans et un acces a notre equipe de support 


Choose colour, size, engraving and other options to make your Safa products your own. 


“I bought Safa headphones 3 years ago, and they’re still the best pair I’ve ever owned.”

- Anna Henson

“You can’t beat Safa for the quality of their products at such reasonable prices.”

- Steven Thompson

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